Blogs Report On Kaiser Family Foundation Survey On U.S. Role In Global Health

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog reports on the findings of a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey released on Monday that examines Americans’ views on U.S. global health efforts. The survey found that two-thirds of Americans say that the U.S. “is spending too little or about the right amount on global health aid,” “with one in five saying the U.S. spends too much,” the blog writes. The blog discusses additional survey findings and notes, “This is the fourth survey in a series that KFF has conducted to determine the attitudes of Americans toward U.S. spending on improving the health of those living in low-resource countries” (Mazzotta, 5/21). In addition, PSI’s “Healthy Lives” blog reports on the findings of the survey, writing, “Overall, the survey findings are very positive, … suggest[ing] that a case can be made for increased development spending, and the audience is receptive. The challenge is reaching Americans to build a broad-based level of support” (Murphy, 5/21).