Blog Posts Recognize World Food Day

ONE Blog: This World Food Day, support female farmers
Noting “[Thursday] marks the International Day of Rural Women, and on Friday, October 16, the world will celebrate World Food Day,” Kedar Mankad, ‎a policy officer for agriculture and inclusive growth at the ONE Campaign, discusses how investment in rural women and smallholder farmers can promote food security and “end hunger and malnutrition once and for all” (10/15).

ONE Blog: World Food Day: Prioritizing agriculture, food security, and nutrition to fight hunger
Samantha Urban, content manager at the ONE Campaign, writes, “October 16 is World Food Day — the first chance since the adoption of the Global Goals to really hold world leaders to account to meet the goal of zero hunger. … This is a moment to highlight why prioritizing agriculture, food security, and nutrition is the key to ending extreme poverty once and for all…” (10/16).

PLOS Blogs’ “Translational Global Health”: 10 Principles for a Better Food Future — World Food Day
Recognizing World Food Day, Alessandro Demaio, a principal at kløver, co-founder of NCDFREE and festival21, and a global health fellow in non-communicable diseases at Harvard Medical School, highlights a new publication, titled “EAT in Sustainia.” He writes, “[A] collaboration with the Danish-based think tank Sustainia, the report aims to outline the major challenges, opportunities, and solutions for food and food systems globally…” (10/16).