Blog Posts Recognize World AIDS Day, Explore Various Aspects Of Ongoing Epidemic

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Young Women at the Epicenter of HIV
“…In South Africa, the country hardest hit by the HIV epidemic, girls aged 15-19 are eight times more likely to be living with HIV than boys their age. On this World AIDS Day we put a spotlight on South African teens like Zandile, Sinazo, Axola, Carol, and Mivuyo — young women growing up at the epicenter of the HIV epidemic…” (11/29).

IntraHealth International’s “VITAL”: 3 Ways to End the Global HIV Epidemic — Locally
The IntraHealth Editorial Team recognizes World AIDS Day and writes, “Here are three ways we in the global health community can work locally to help countries build the skills, systems, and self-reliance that will finally put the epidemic to bed. 1. Make the health workforce a priority. … 2. Foster local partnerships to better serve local clients — sustainably. … 3. Strengthen local capacity…” (11/29).

World Economic Forum: How living with HIV and AIDS has changed, more than 30 years on
Johnny Wood, writer for WEF, discusses the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, including advancements and challenges (11/29).