Blog Posts Discuss New WHO Data Showing Women Live Longer Than Men

World Economic Forum: Across the world, women outlive men. This is why
Emma Charlton, senior writer for formative content at the World Economic Forum, discusses new data from the WHO, “which explores access to and attitudes towards health, as well as how this plays into life expectancy.” The data show that women have a higher life expectancy than men. Charlton notes, “There’s no simple explanation that can inform policy-making, the WHO says, putting the results down to a range of biological differences and gender roles around the world” (4/9).

U.N. Dispatch: Everywhere in the world women live longer than men. Why? A New U.N. Report Has Some Answers
Joanna Lu, journalist at U.N. Dispatch, discusses the new WHO data. Lu writes, “The WHO has been publishing the World Health Statistics Overview every year since 2005. But this is the first year it has broken down the statistics by sex. … The report says that the difference between male and female life expectancy cannot be pinned to a single or even small number of causes. Some are biological, others are environmental or social, while the availability and use of health services also plays a big role” (4/9).