Blog Posts Discuss Global Health Aspects Of Obama’s Final State Of The Union Address

Global Health Technologies Coalition’s “Breakthroughs”: Obama highlights global health and innovation in State of the Union
Courtney Carson, GHTC’s senior policy and advocacy associate, discusses President Obama’s State of the Union address, highlighting global health aspects, including the U.S. response to Ebola, U.S. investments in development, and the importance of medical research (1/13).

Humanosphere: #SOTU: Obama oversells U.S. Ebola response and teases malaria eradication push
Humanosphere reporter Tom Murphy examines the global health aspects of President Obama’s State of the Union address, writing, “His remarks on [global health] manage to both overstate U.S. accomplishments and unveil an area that will garner greater focus during the administration’s final year in office. It encapsulated the mixed record for an administration that is prone to, at times, both over-hype and under-deliver on global health…” (1/13).