Blog Post Explores Ways To Protect World From Antibiotic Resistance

World Economic Forum: How we can win the war against antibiotic resistance
In a piece posted as part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Kristina Lagerstedt, founder and CEO of 1928 Diagnostics, writes, “How can we — within the limited time available — protect ourselves from [antibiotic resistance,] this very real threat to the world’s health? First, we must move from reactive to proactive behavior. And we must collaborate, sharing our data and best practices to avoid duplication of effort. … Second, by employing new technology for monitoring and diagnostics, we can identify bacteria to prevent potential outbreaks in which an infection in one individual is quickly spread to others. … Third, we must communicate the importance of this problem, not only within our own professional communities but to every corner of the world, including developing and war-torn areas…” (1/8).