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Blog Post Examines Whether Foreign Aid Really Works

In a blog post for the Development Policy Centre’s “Devpolicy Blog,” Roger Riddell, who gave the keynote address at the 2014 Australasian Aid and International Development Policy Workshop, discusses whether foreign aid really works. In answering the question, he says that it works “[n]ot as well as it could, and not as well as it should. But against often far too high expectations of what it might achieve, much aid has had a positive impact. I believe there is still an important role for aid to play. Donors need to learn and do far more to address some of the more systemic problems that aid risks creating or perpetuating, and which they have only recently begun to start more fully appreciating. They also need to encourage and give more space to developing country assessments of aid’s impact — as uncomfortable as this might sometimes be — to obtain a more complete view of aid’s benefits and limitations” (2/14).