Blog Examines Need For PMTCT In Order To Achieve AIDS-Free Generation

Noting “[r]ecently released guidelines from [the WHO] recommend starting HIV treatment earlier — even pre-emptively — as a measure to preventing and eradicating AIDS,” Foreign Policy Association blog contributor Elyse Lichtenthal writes in the blog, “Reading about the push to approach [antiretroviral (ARV)] treatment in this way makes me very sanguine. … We cannot approach the treatment of this diagnosis, as we would heart disease or cancer, for 50-60 years and hope that measure will result in the reduction of AIDS.” She continues, “Through the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), we can create a future generation of AIDS-free populations,” and highlights a number of organizations across Africa “working toward this method of AIDS prevention.” She states, “Until a vaccination is discovered, patented, and available on the global market, we must prevent future cases of AIDS, in addition to treating existing cases” (7/22).