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Bill Gates Concerned About Implications Of Trump Administration’s Trade Policies For Global Health Efforts

Axios: Bill Gates hopes Trump’s trade war won’t wreck the global health agenda
“Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, who’s in D.C. this week to meet with administration officials and members of Congress, told Axios he hopes the U.S.’ souring relationships with Europe and China — sparked by the Trump administration’s tariffs — won’t hurt long-term global health or climate change goals…” (Owens, 12/11).

Fortune: Bill Gates Fears How Trump’s Trade Policy Could Affect Global Health
“…Speaking to Axios in an interview published on Tuesday, Gates said that he hopes the U.S. can restore better trade relations with Europe and China and that the Trump administration stops spending so much time focusing on ‘short-term things, you know, relative to tariffs.’ Ultimately, Gates believes that the U.S. needs to focus on ‘long-term problems which, in [Gates’] view, includes these global health things and stopping pandemics’…” (Reisinger, 12/11).