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Better Antenatal Care Could Avoid Unnecessary Maternal Deaths In South Africa, Report Says

News outlets report on a recently released Amnesty International report on maternal health in South Africa.

The Guardian: HIV stigma causing avoidable maternal deaths in South Africa, says Amnesty
“Hundreds of pregnant women and girls are dying needlessly in South Africa, partly because of well-founded fears that their HIV status may be revealed during antenatal care, leading to discrimination in their communities and homes, according to Amnesty International…” (Chonghaile, 10/9).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Better antenatal care could save hundreds in South Africa: report
“Timely access to considerate antenatal care could prevent the deaths of hundreds of women and girls in South Africa during and after pregnancy, a report released on Thursday showed. Amnesty International found that the majority of maternal deaths in the country were avoidable, and said the main problems were late and infrequent antenatal care and the fact that nearly one-third of pregnant women are living with HIV…” (Guilbert, 10/9).