Bayer To Pay More Than $10B In Settlements Related To Weedkiller Roundup Litigation

Washington Post: Bayer, maker of Roundup weedkiller, agrees to pay $10 billion in cancer settlements
“German pharmaceutical and life sciences giant Bayer has agreed to pay more than $10 billion to settle tens of thousands of current and potential U.S. claims that its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. The world’s largest seed and agrochemical maker announced the settlement in a news release on Wednesday, saying it will allocate as much as $9.6 billion to resolve current Roundup litigation. The company said the pool will cover roughly 125,000 claims that allege the product leads to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The company said 75 percent of those cases were resolved as part of Wednesday’s agreement…” (Denham, 6/24).

Additional coverage of the settlements is available from CNN, NBC, New York Times, and NPR.