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As WHO Begins Process For Electing New Head, Current DG Chan Should Make WHO ‘Radical Voice For Health Equity’

The Lancet: The next Director-General of WHO
Editorial Board

“WHO last week fired a starting pistol to launch the election for its next director general. … It is likely that this lengthy process will … be more transparent, accountable, and disputatious (and considerably less corrupt) than past elections. … Next month’s World Health Assembly will be a useful opportunity for member states to take soundings about the issues that will decide the election (geography, gender, and proven political skills will likely be as important as technical expertise). In January, 2017, the Executive Board can propose up to three names to be considered by the World Health Assembly. … In her final 12 months, [current WHO Director-General Margaret] Chan should embrace her unprecedented freedom to speak without scruple and act without fear. Now is her best moment to make WHO the supremely radical voice for health equity and social justice it should be” (4/30).