Any Proposed U.S. Multilateral Aid Review Should Focus On ‘Traditional’ Aid, Compare Similar Types Of Funding, Expert Says

Center for Global Development’s “U.S. Development Policy”: A Key Question If You Are Reviewing Multilateral Organization Effectiveness: Do We Need a Multilateral Solution?
Charles Kenny, senior fellow at CGD, discusses proposals to institute a multilateral aid review system in the U.S. and how such a system might evaluate various organizations, including Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. He writes, “Perhaps the best choice would be to limit it to apples to apples comparisons: voluntary contributions to organizations that mainly do ‘traditional’ aid of the type that could be delivered either bilaterally or multilaterally. That’s (broadly) the route the British [Multilateral Aid Review (MAR)] took. But if the review has to be broader, it should use different sets of metrics to judge different types of financing…” (3/6).