Anxieties Over Climate, Food Security Must Be Recognized, Addressed, Expert Writes In Opinion Piece

The Conversation: Rising eco-anxiety means we should address mental health alongside food security
Laxmi Prasad Pant, senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich and adjunct professor with the Associated Graduate Faculty at the University of Guelph

“…Eco-anxiety — the difficult emotions caused by environmental conditions and knowledge — is on the rise. … Our food systems have become vulnerable due to the loss of biological diversity of plant and animal species: we are anxious about hunger and food security, safety, and fraud. … Eco-anxiety can further exacerbate food anxiety, which has been provoked by a range of food scares, food poisonings, distancing of food supply chains, hunger, and farming crises. … We need to reframe eco-anxiety to emphasize hope in the midst of human tragedy, social collapse, existential threats, and climate catastrophe. … We obviously need a new generation of competent fighters, science engagement professionals, and community development workers in record numbers. We also need to mobilize mental health counselors, psychotherapists, learning circles, and support groups” (1/9).