Angola Begins Sanitation Campaign To Prevent Yellow Fever, Other Diseases; Budget Cuts Possibly To Blame For Outbreak

Quartz: Angola cut spending for low oil prices and triggered a yellow fever health crisis
“…With the [Angolan government’s] budget for waste collection services in particular cut by almost 70 percent, there has been a sharp uptick in the rise of communicable diseases. A yellow fever outbreak with roots in Viana, a poor suburb in capital city Luanda, has now spread uncontrollably as the latest death toll, according to the World Health Organization, stands at 158. Hospitals have also reported cases of diarrhea, malaria, and cholera…” (Kazeem, 3/21).

Xinhua News: Angola launches campaign to combat yellow fever, malaria
“A 45-day sanitation campaign was launched in Luanda on Saturday to collect and remove dustbins from the city which is home to one third of the country’s 23 million population and to combat the spread of yellow fever, malaria, and other epidemic diseases…” (3/19).