Americans Should Continue To Uphold, Ensure Children’s Health, Well-Being Worldwide

The Hill: In 2018, the world saw wars on children — and they listened
Caryl M. Stern, president and CEO of UNICEF USA

“…[A] collective thread emerged [in 2018]: these conflicts [across Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East] have devolved into wars on children, and every day, they continue to threaten children’s livelihood and well-being. … But as many people asked themselves, ‘What future have we built for the world’s children?’ another powerful trend we saw this year was that Americans want to help. … Through the dedication of advocates and partners, global under-five child mortality has decreased by more than half, and three million kids are saved each year by lifesaving vaccines. Deaths caused by polio have decreased by over 99 percent since 1988. Some of the world’s most vulnerable communities in over 100 countries now have access to safe water and sanitation. And, we’ve garnered bipartisan support from government officials, as we worked to help stop child marriage in 12 priority countries. But despite this progress, there is more work to be done. That’s why, next year, we’re calling on government leaders and individuals to continue using their voices, their wallets, their social media platforms — whatever they have at their disposal — to help uphold children’s rights in every corner of the world. By doing so, together we can build a world in which every child has a chance to survive and thrive” (12/25).