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America Abroad Media Examines Global Response To HIV/AIDS Epidemic

America Abroad Media examines the HIV/AIDS policies of some countries and NGOs as well as efforts to prevent the spread of HIV. Segments of the show explore the state of HIV/AIDS in Washington, D.C.; the history of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa and the recent efforts by the government to promote HIV treatment and prevention; the success of Brazil’s government in reducing HIV infections by promoting prevention through public-health partnerships with high-risk communities; the origins of PEPFAR, the program’s roll-out under President George W. Bush’s administration and the program’s future under President Barack Obama’s administration.

Some of the guests featured on the program include: Barbara Hogan, former South African Health Minister; Warren Buckingham, country coordinator for PEPFAR in Kenya; Mark Dybul, former U.S. global AIDS coordinator; and Nandini Oomman, director of the HIV/AIDS Monitor at the Center for Global Development (Suarez/Ozug/Carberry, 1/10).