AIDS ‘Tipping Points’ Could Prompt Discussion On Effectiveness, Efficiency

In this post on the Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy” blog, Jenny Ottenhoff, policy outreach associate at the Center, examines the prospects for U.S. spending on global AIDS programs. She writes “it seems we have reached a ‘tipping point’ where the science, technology and know-how are available to realistically talk about creating an AIDS-free generation, as Secretary of State Clinton did a few weeks ago,” “[b]ut in the current U.S. political and fiscal environment, it’s becoming increasingly clear that … AIDS funding may have also reached a ‘tipping point’ and will be increasingly difficult to maintain in coming years.” However, she says “a period of austerity may present opportunities to improve the global response to AIDS and give rise to discussions on how to make structural and procedural changes to programming that would make it more effective and efficient moving forward” (11/29).