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AIDS-Free Generation Possible With Increased Investments, Reduced Stigma

Medium: On the fight against HIV and AIDS — and on the people who really started the conversation.
Hillary Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate and former U.S. secretary of state

“…[A]t Nancy Reagan’s funeral, I said something inaccurate when speaking about the Reagans’ record on HIV and AIDS. … To be clear, the Reagans did not start a national conversation about HIV and AIDS. That distinction belongs to generations of brave lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, along with straight allies, who started not just a conversation but a movement that continues to this day. … We’ve come a long way. But we still have work to do to eradicate [HIV/AIDS] for good and to erase the stigma that is an echo of a shameful and painful period in our country’s history. … [L]et’s continue to increase HIV and AIDS research and invest in the promising innovations that research is producing. … We should increase global funding for HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment. … For the first time, an AIDS-free generation is in sight. As president, I promise you that I will not let up until we reach that goal. We will not leave anyone behind” (3/13).