Aid Agencies Work To Get Food, Humanitarian Aid To Syrians, But Supplies, Funding Continue To Run Short

Associated Press: Syrian refugees struggle to buy food as aid dwindles
“…As aid agencies struggle to keep pace with the worst refugee crisis since World War II, they have been forced to cut back on assistance, including food rations. With no end in sight to the Syrian war, and regional host countries increasingly overwhelmed, many refugees see the perilous crossing to Europe as their only option. Donors will be asked to provide nearly $9 billion to aid agencies and host countries in 2016 at an annual conference held Thursday in London — a record request. But donors have come up short in previous years…” (Szlanko/Rohan, 2/4).

U.N. News Centre: Crucial U.N. aid reaches Syrian town cut off by fighting for three years
“Working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), the United Nations refugee agency has delivered crucial humanitarian aid to a rural town near Damascus that has been cut off by fighting for three years, stranding thousands of residents in dire conditions without clean water or fuel for warmth…” (2/3).