African Health Leaders, International Partners Can Improve Continent’s Future

The Lancet: African health leaders: claiming the future
Agnes Binagwaho, minister of health of Rwanda, and Nigel Crisp, independent member of the House of Lords and co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health

“Improving health in Africa is a team effort that involves many people from different backgrounds. … The experience of Rwanda is useful in this context. Rwanda has been rebuilding itself in the 20 years since the genocide and now has a social insurance health system that reaches nearly 90 percent of the population and effective local health services in almost all parts of the country. … A distinctively Rwandan approach to health improvement has developed that is suited to the country’s own social, economic, and physical environment. … Although Rwanda still faces many health challenges, it offers an example of how country leadership supported by partners can create a successful national health system and, incidentally, pioneer innovations of relevance to other African countries and beyond. Everyone can learn from each other…” (5/30).