Access To Various Financial Tools Needed For Nations To Wisely Fund SDGs

Forbes: Financing The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals
Aron Betru, CEO of Financing for Development Corp (F4D), and Paige Robson, special projects and communications manager at F4D

“…Unsurprisingly, the question of just how much capital will need to be raised to implement the SDGs (and, subsequently, how much of that need is currently unaccounted for) is a popular one among think tanks and policy pundits. … Along with searching for additional financial resources, it is critical that the SDG process focus on developing and providing financial tools — such as access to banking, credit, and loans — that better equip development actors with power, choice, and flexibility in the way they manage their programs. … In short, it is critical to not only ask how much money we need to fund the SDGs, but also what additional value can be gained simply by making existing financial tools available in this area” (6/29).