3 Ways U.S. Should Prepare For Future Influenza Pandemic

The Conversation: 3 ways the U.S. should prepare for the next flu pandemic
Lance Gable, associate professor at Wayne State University

“…If the world were to face a new strain of flu similar in novelty and virulence to the 1918 virus, our capacity to prevent a pandemic would still fall short because we have not made sufficient progress in science, infrastructure, or implementation of preparedness plans. So how can the U.S. improve its ability to stop a new flu pandemic, as well as to reduce the annual impact of influenza infections? First, researchers need to improve the flu vaccine. … Second, to prevent flu pandemics, public health officials need more and better information about influenza outbreaks. … Finally, government officials and other members of the health community need to pay more attention to plans for public health emergency preparedness. … [W]ith a higher level of commitment and attention, we can greatly improve our pandemic response systems and save lives” (2/9).