3 Gambians File Suit Against Former Leader Alleging Human Rights Abuses Related To Fake HIV Treatment

Associated Press: Gambians file suit against ex-leader over alleged HIV ‘cure’
“Three survivors of a supposed HIV treatment program run by Gambia’s former leader Yahya Jammeh featuring what he called an herbal remedy ‘cure’ filed a lawsuit Thursday against him, claiming they suffered under the forced regimen…” (Petesch, 6/1).

CNN: Former Gambian leader sued over fraudulent AIDS cure
“…The plaintiffs are seeking financial damages for harm suffered and a declaration from the high court that their human rights were violated, the advocacy group AIDS-Free World said…” (Feingold, 5/31).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Victims of fake AIDS treatment sue Gambia’s ex-ruler
“…Jammeh, whose 22-year rule over the tiny West African country was marked by accusations of human rights abuses, fled to Equatorial Guinea last year after losing an election…” (Peyton, 5/31).