1 In 8 Infants Born In Conflict Zones In 2015, Face Higher Risk Of Death, UNICEF Reports

News outlets report on UNICEF data showing more than 16 million infants were born in conflict zones in 2015.

Newsweek: UNICEF: More Than 16 Million Babies Born in Conflict Zones This Year
“More than 16 million babies were born in conflict zones in 2015 — around one in eight births worldwide — according to latest figures released by UNICEF on Thursday. The figure represents a slight increase from last year…” (Ilsley, 12/16).

New York Times: Millions of Babies at Risk, UNICEF Says
“…Its report said newborns and mothers faced particularly acute risks in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan, and Syria…” (Gladstone, 12/16).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: One in eight babies were born in conflict zones in 2015 — UNICEF
“…Children born in war are apt to suffer unhealthy emotional and cognitive development and are more likely to die before age five than are children born elsewhere, UNICEF said…” (Malo, 12/17).