Marketplace Enrollment Periods

When can I enroll in private health plan coverage through the Marketplace?

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In general, you can only enroll in non-group health plan coverage during the Open Enrollment period.

For 2020 coverage, the Open Enrollment period in states begins November 1, 2019 and extends through December 18, 2019 at 3:00 am ET. If you plan to sign up, be sure to complete your application and select your plan before 3:00 am on December 18, 2019.

Once the Open Enrollment period is over, individuals and families will not be able to enroll in Marketplace health plans until the next Open Enrollment period. However, if you experience certain changes in circumstances during the year, you will have a special 60-day opportunity to enroll in Marketplace health plans, outside of the Open Enrollment period.

For individuals and families buying non-group coverage on their own, outside of the Marketplace, you can only enroll in coverage during Open Enrollment periods and special enrollment opportunities, as well.

American Indians and Alaska Natives can enroll in Marketplace coverage throughout the year, not just during Open Enrollment.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, most state-run Marketplaces have opened a special Open Enrollment period when people uninsured for any reason can sign up for coverage.  The state websites and new deadlines are:

California                                July 31, 2020

Colorado                                 April 30, 2020

Connecticut                            April 17, 2020

District of Columbia               September 15, 2020

Maryland                                  July 15, 2020

Massachusetts                        July 23, 2020

Minnesota                               April 21, 2020

Nevada                                    May 15, 2020

New York                                July 15, 2020

Rhode Island                           April 30, 2020

Vermont                                  August 14, 2020

Washington                             May 8, 2020

While we have made every effort to provide accurate information in these FAQs, people should contact the health insurance Marketplace or Medicaid agency in their state for guidance on their specific circumstances.