Renewing Marketplace Coverage

I signed up for Marketplace coverage last year and I want to continue in this plan for another year. Do I have to do anything during Open Enrollment?

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Your coverage may automatically be renewed; even so, you may want to take steps to renew it yourself during Open Enrollment. If you are receiving a premium tax credit, it is wise to go through the process so that you can update your income and family information and see how much tax credit you may be eligible for based on the new premiums for the coming year. In most states, Open Enrollment for 2020 plans begins on November 1, 2019 and continues through 3:00 am ET on December 18, 2019.

The process for renewing coverage may be a little different depending on where you live.  In states that use, if you are currently enrolled in a Marketplace policy and you don’t take any action before 3:00 am ET on December 18, in most cases the Marketplace will automatically renew your coverage under that policy for the coming year. Insurers may not offer all of the same plans next year that they offered this year. If your health plan will no longer be offered next year and you do nothing, your insurance company will automatically enroll you in another policy that is similar to the one you have currently.

While we have made every effort to provide accurate information in these FAQs, people should contact the health insurance Marketplace or Medicaid agency in their state for guidance on their specific circumstances.