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An Overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

An Overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

June 2013 | Prepared by the Kaiser Family Foundation for NBC Universal

Download the Presentations: ACA Overview | Selected Findings from KFF Tracking Surveys

Additional Resources

  1. Summary of Coverage Provisions in the ACA
  2. Fact Sheet:  Preventative Services Covered under the ACA
  3. Public Opinion and the ACA, Ongoing Tracking Polls
  4. Infographic:  Health Care Coverage under the ACA
  5. Infographic: The Requirement to Buy Coverage under the ACA
  6. Infographic: Employer Responsibility under ACA
  7. Fact Sheet: The Uninsured and Difference Insurance Makes
  8. “Covering the ACA May Be Almost as Hard as Implementing It,” A Perspective from Drew Altman
  9. Subsidy Calculator
  10. Flyer about Kaiser Health News (.pdf)
  11. Flyer about Health Reform Resources (.pdf)

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