Lancet Editorial Discusses WHO Guidelines For Care Of Pregnant, Breastfeeding Women In Ebola Outbreaks

The Lancet: Appropriate care for pregnant women in Ebola outbreaks
Editorial Board

“On Feb 10, new WHO guidelines were released for the management of pregnant and breastfeeding women in the context of Ebola virus disease, outlining appropriate steps for clinicians to take in D.R. Congo. … Pregnant women require special guidelines in Ebola-stricken areas … Secondary impacts of Ebola disproportionately affect women and the economically disadvantaged. It is vital that coordinated services are put in place to ensure proper attention to maternity care and reproductive health of women in these areas, and these guidelines are an important step in the necessary widespread dissemination of this information. Treatment of Ebola and its complications must not come at the cost of the health of mothers and their children” (2/15).