WFP Launches Social Media Campaign To Raise Funds For Syrian Refugee Voucher Program

Associated Press: U.N. asks people to give $1 each for Syrian refugees
“The World Food Programme launched an unusual campaign Wednesday to raise $1 contributions from 64 million people around the world so it can restore food vouchers to Syrian refugees who won’t be getting any U.N. help in December…” (Lederer, 12/3).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. agency launches social media campaign to bring urgent food aid to Syrian refugees
“…The appeal follows the WFP’s announcement on Monday that it will halt a food voucher program targeting 1.7 million destitute Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt. The refugees use the electronic vouchers to purchase food in local shops and without them many families would simply go hungry. As many of them already live in very precarious conditions, the agency warns that the consequences of halting food assistance will be ‘devastating’…” (12/3).