Washington Post Examines Global Impacts Of Trump Administration’s Expanded Mexico City Policy

Washington Post: How a change in U.S. abortion policy reverberated around the globe
“…On Jan. 23, 2017, [President Trump] signed an executive order that denied U.S. [global health] assistance to any foreign-based [non-governmental] organization that performs, promotes, or offers information on abortion. A similar plan, known as the Mexico City policy, was in effect under past Republican presidents. But Trump expanded it exponentially … It will take years to gauge the full impact of the policy … But the change has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in funding cuts to two of the developing world’s biggest providers of women’s health care … More broadly, the policy has created a wave of uncertainty in aid-dependent countries. For the first time, groups that treat HIV, malaria, and other illnesses will also have to pledge to have no role in promoting abortion — or forgo American aid. Many organizations will face a dilemma, advocates say, since abortion-related services are often integrated into general health care in poor nations…” (Bearak et al., 10/10).