USAID, CDC Blog Posts Mark World Water Day

USAID’s “IMPACTblog”: Water for the World: Making Every Gallon Count
Christian Holmes, USAID’s global water coordinator and acting deputy assistant administrator in the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment, marks World Water Day, which takes place annually on March 22, and discusses the “important advance made this year towards improving water and sanitation in developing countries…” (3/18).

CDC’s “Our Global Voices”: Water is Essential
Eric Mintz and Suzie Heitfield of the CDC mark World Water Day and discuss how “[t]he Ebola outbreak provides us with an opportunity to focus on improving access to improved water, sanitation, and hygiene. Reaching this goal would not only fight Ebola in West Africa, but also prevent outbreaks of other diseases that are spread by contaminated water and inadequate access to improved sanitation and hygiene practices such as handwashing…” (3/18).