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Up To 2.4M Zimbabweans Need Food Aid, Many With HIV; President Mugabe Rejects Aid Tied To Requirements To Accept LGBTQ Rights

Inter Press Service: Antiretrovirals but No Food
“…Up to 2.4 million people in the country are food insecure this year, according to figures released by the government in February this year. The Zimbabwe National Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS coordinator for Manicaland province, Lloyd Dembure said the current drought had affected a large number of people living with HIV. He elaborated that though many people living HIV had access to free antiretroviral drugs many where going for days without a proper meal…” (Mambondiyani, 3/1).

Ventures Africa: Mugabe would rather Zimbabweans go hungry than accept “rotten and filthy” foreign aid
“…Early this year, Zimbabwe applied for $1.6 billion in food aid to combat starvation, but during his lavish birthday party on Saturday, [President Robert] Mugabe declared, ‘We don’t want it.’ According to him, if aid is to be given on the basis that the country accepts the principle of gay marriages, ‘then let that aid stay where it is,’ adding that aid given under such a condition is ‘rotten and filthy’…” (Egbedi, 3/2).