Ugandan Scientist Responds In Open Letter To Country’s Proposed Anti-Gay Law

New York Times: An Open Letter on Homosexuality to My Fellow Ugandan Scientists
Dean Hamer, scientist emeritus at the National Institutes of Health

“President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is about to sign into law a vehement anti-gay law after ‘medical experts presented a report that homosexuality is not genetic but a social behavior,’ according to a tweet from Ofwono Opondo, a Ugandan government spokesman. … The president’s action, which would result in lifetime imprisonment for homosexual acts, is based on a report that was issued in the form of a press release with no supporting evidence, citations or analysis. I am writing to urge my fellow scientists at Makerere University, the Ministry of Health, and throughout Uganda to reconsider and issue a revised report…” (2/20).