Ugandan Parliament Passes Bill To Criminalize Homosexuality; If Enacted, Law Could Negatively Impact HIV/AIDS Efforts

News outlets examine the potential impact of a bill passed by Uganda’s parliament that would impose jail time for those found guilty of homosexual acts.

IRIN: New law a setback for Uganda’s HIV response
“The draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed by Uganda’s parliament on 20 December would deliver a major blow to the response to HIV/AIDS if it was enacted by President Yoweri Museveni, activists have warned…” (12/23).

Science Speaks: Uganda Parliament passes Anti-Homosexuality bill, ‘filling gaps,’ adding further blows to HIV response
“Substituting life in prison for the death penalty as the punishment for ‘aggravated homosexuality,’ the Ugandan Parliament passed its Anti-Homosexuality Bill today, filling ‘gaps,’ it says, in existing law. While a text of the current bill is not available, ‘aggravated homosexuality,’ under the 2009 bill includes being a ‘serial offender’ or being an ‘offender’ with HIV…” (Barton, 12/20).

CNN: Uganda official: Homosexuality a threat
“Uganda has passed a law that makes being gay a crime punishable with up to life in prison. … Max Foster talks to Ugandan gay rights activist Frank Mugisha…” (12/27).