U.S. Hospitals Need More Financial Support To Prepare For Ebola Response

Roll Call: Ebola: Who Bears the Cost of Keeping Us Safe?
Kenneth Davis, president and CEO of Mount Sinai Health System, and Kenneth Raske, president and CEO of the Greater New York Hospital Association

“The Ebola virus, which has now touched our shores and taken the lives of two victims in the U.S., is a threat lethal enough to demand full mobilization of our health care resources, which is what federal officials have urged. Consequently, hospitals in recent weeks have been arming themselves with the necessary knowledge, supplies, and resources to confront the danger and ensure it is contained and managed skillfully. … We understood the preparations would be costly, yet fully expected the federal government to lend support to what is, in fact, an unfunded mandate. The financial response from Washington, however, has not been commensurate with our efforts, not even close. … Hospitals have stepped up to face the Ebola challenge. Now it is Congress’ turn, so that hospitals have the ability to continue protecting the public health, even when confronted with the threat of a deadly infectious disease” (12/10).