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U.S. Government Creates Stockpile Of Newly Approved Smallpox Drug

Business Insider: The FDA just approved a drug to treat smallpox in case of a bioterrorism attack — here’s why that scenario is so scary
“…The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on July 13 that it had for the first time approved a drug that could treat smallpox if it were ever released as a weapon in a terrorist attack. The medication is called TPOXX (tecovirimat)…” (Loria, 7/17).

HuffPost: Why The FDA Just Approved A Drug For Smallpox, A Disease That No Longer Exists
“…In a less-than-comforting statement, the FDA assured the public that the drug’s creation was just preemptive — you know, just in case bioterrorists choose to unleash smallpox on the world again…” (Mosbergen, 7/17).

Newsweek: Smallpox Drug Will be Stockpiled by U.S. Government in Case of Bioterrorism Attack
“…Siga Technologies, now based in New York, has already delivered two million treatments of the antiviral pill called Tpoxx, or tecovirimat, which the government will stockpile in case of a terror attack…” (Spear, 7/17).