U.K. Vulnerable To Disease Outbreaks, Commons Science Committee Report Says

News outlets discuss findings of a report from the U.K.’s Commons Science Committee on lessons from the Ebola outbreak.

BBC News: U.K. is ‘vulnerable’ to next Ebola outbreak
“The U.K. is vulnerable to epidemics such as Ebola because of a gaping hole in the country’s ability to manufacture vaccines, a group of MPs has warned…” (Gallagher, 1/25).

Financial Times: U.K. not prepared for next epidemic, MPs warn
“…The Commons Science Committee on Monday urged the government to prepare for faster mobilization of scientific expertise and vaccine manufacturing when a deadly virus next runs out of control…” (Cookson, 1/25).

The Guardian: Britain’s slow response to Ebola crisis cost lives, MPs’ report says
“…The government is criticized for a raft of shortcomings, from failing to share disease surveillance data quickly enough, to calling on scientific expertise months after its emergency committee had met, to making Ebola test kits that were never deployed…” (Sample, 1/24).