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Trump Administration Has ‘Striking Record’ Of Anti-LGBT Actions, Harming Health, Human Rights Worldwide

The Hill: Trump administration amasses striking anti-LGBT record in first year
Sean Cahill, director of health policy research at the Fenway Institute

“…[T]he Trump administration … amass[ed] a striking record of executive branch actions that strip LGBT people of nondiscrimination protections. … Some of Trump’s anti-LGBT actions are symbolically important, like not declaring June LGBT Pride Month, as Presidents Obama and Clinton did, and not mentioning gay and bisexual men or transgender women — groups disproportionately burdened by HIV here and globally — in his World AIDS Day declaration. But as documented in a new policy brief by the Fenway Institute, most are much more serious. … A proposed [nearly $1 billion] cut to global HIV prevention and treatment would cause thousands of adults and children to lose treatment, and many would die. Progress cutting new global HIV infections in half over the past 15 years would be reversed. Trump has also reversed American leadership to promote an end to anti-LGBT persecution around the world…” (1/19).