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Trump Administration Can ‘Reimagine And Restructure U.S. Foreign Assistance’ While Maintaining U.S. Interests

Foreign Policy: Trump Should Fix Foreign Aid, But Not at the Expense of U.S. Interests
Daniel Runde, William A. Schreyer chair at CSIS

“…The Trump administration has a unique opportunity to reimagine and restructure U.S. foreign assistance to meet the demands of the 21st century. … To help generate concrete ideas, the Center for Strategic and International Studies brought together a bipartisan Task Force on Reforming and Reorganizing Foreign Assistance, co-chaired by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Todd Young (R-Ind.). … In a report released Monday, the task force, which I convened, endorsed three broad recommendations that would ensure U.S. security, prosperity, and leadership by creating a more efficient and future-oriented foreign aid program: 1. Maintain USAID as an independent agency overseeing federal foreign assistance efforts, develop a clearly articulated development strategy, and strengthen the USAID administrator by naming him or her the ‘coordinator of foreign assistance.’ 2. Address duplication of effort and generate budget savings while maintaining functional coherence when appropriate. 3. Modernize the personnel system, make the procurement system more efficient, and streamline reporting…” (7/24).