TIME Discusses WHO’s Response To Ebola Outbreak, Interviews Director-General Chan

TIME Magazine discusses the WHO’s response to the West African Ebola outbreak and features an interview with WHO Director-General Margaret Chan.

TIME: The World Health Organization Comes Under Fire for Failure to Stop Ebola
“The agency has been missing in action at a critical time…” (Walt, 10/30).

TIME: WHO Chief Says Ebola Response ‘Did Not Match’ Scale of the Outbreak
“…On Oct. 28, WHO invited TIME to spend the day inside its Geneva headquarters, watching officials grapple with the Ebola epidemic and sitting in on a two-hour, top-level crisis meeting. In a wide-ranging interview with TIME’s Vivienne Walt, in her Geneva office, Chan, a 67-year-old Hong Konger, explains how she and her staff have struggled with the outbreak…” (Walt, 10/30).