Systems Thinking Approach Critical To Addressing Global Hunger, Nutrition, Nature Editorial Says

Nature: Imagine a world without hunger, then make it happen with systems thinking
Editorial Board

“…Systems thinking is crucial to achieving targets such as zero hunger and better nutrition because it requires considering the way in which food is produced, processed, delivered, and consumed, and looking at how those things intersect with human health, the environment, economics, and society. … According to systems thinking, changing the food system — or any other network — requires three things to happen. First, researchers need to identify all the players in that system; second, they must work out how they relate to each other; and third, they need to understand and quantify the impact of those relationships on each other and on those outside the system. … More researchers, policymakers, and representatives from the food industry must learn to look beyond their direct lines of responsibility and embrace a systems approach…” (1/14).