Study Examines PrEP, Condom Use Among Gay, Bisexual Men In Australia

NBC News: A side-effect of preventing HIV with PrEP: Less condom use
“A pill that protects people from the AIDS virus may be driving down use of condoms, Australian researchers reported Wednesday. They found that as more people used the daily pill, called PrEP, the less likely they were to use condoms…” (Fox, 6/6).

The Guardian: Rapid rise in anti-HIV PrEP pills linked to drop in condom use
“…[T]he new study, published in The Lancet HIV journal, raises serious questions about the introduction of PrEP in developing countries with high levels of infection without a strong package of educational support to encourage condom use…” (Boseley, 6/6).

Science: A pill that protects people from HIV may also lead to more sex without condoms
“…The study … surveyed nearly 17,000 men who have sex with men in Sydney and Melbourne between 2013 and 2017. Use of pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP — daily antiretroviral pills taken by uninfected people — during the study years jumped from two percent of the HIV-negative participants to 24 percent. In the same time frame, ‘consistent’ condom use dropped from 46 percent to 31 percent in men who reported having anal sex with casual partners…” (Cohen, 6/6).