Sanofi Pasteur Hopes Work On Dengue Vaccine Will Inform Zika Research; Vaccine Candidate Possible By Next Year

Bloomberg Business: Sanofi’s Brandicourt Pushes for Speedy Zika Vaccine Development
“Sanofi Chief Executive Officer Olivier Brandicourt is pushing for speedy development of a Zika virus vaccine, building on the company’s success in bringing the first inoculation against dengue to market. Sanofi could start testing a vaccine candidate in people as early as next year, Brandicourt said during a press conference in Paris Tuesday…” (Torsoli, 2/9).

CNN: How and when will we get to a Zika vaccine?
“…Sanofi Pasteur said it hopes to use what it learned in those dengue trials to speed up their hunt for a Zika vaccine, but a ‘typical vaccine takes about 10 years to develop,’ said Nicholas Jackson, who heads up the effort. ‘We have a jump start here because we have experts in-house, technologies in-house; we have an infrastructure that we put in place around dengue vaccine we can tap into very quickly which will hopefully take off (time from) the typical timeline’…” (Christensen, 2/9).