Report Calls On ‘Big Data’ To Fill Global Gender Data Gap

Devex: 3 ways gender data could go ‘big’
“More tightly mapped trends in girls’ stunting and access to contraception in Bangladesh. A better understanding of women’s mobility in a Latin American city. Stronger insights into women’s mental health via social media in cities around the world. All of these findings can be traced to big data — and to a three-year project spearheaded by the United Nations Foundation’s initiative Data2X to apply large data sets to help close the gaping gender data gap…” (Rogers, 3/21).

Humanosphere: New report calls for ‘big data’ to help world’s most vulnerable women and girls
“…The report was released [Tuesday] by Data2X, a United Nations Foundation initiative aiming to advance gender equality through improved data collection. Deputy Director Rebecca Furst-Nichols said the report calls for ways to supplement traditional forms of data collection that often unintentionally silence women and girls…” (Nikolau, 3/21).