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Post-2015 Framework Should Address Economic Inequality, Gender Equality, Climate Change

Devex: The solutions to tackle global challenges are within our grasp
Winnie Byanyima, executive director at Oxfam International

“We can be proud of progress made since 198 world leaders signed up to the Millennium Development Goals. In the 14 years since the goals were launched, we have seen the fastest reduction in poverty in human history. … However, there is a lot of work ahead: 1.2 billion people remain in extreme poverty, and the challenges of climate change and inequality are threatening to undo the significant progress that has been made. … [T]he future framework for global development should include goals dedicated to eradicating extreme economic inequality, achieving gender equality and addressing climate change. We are at a unique moment in history. The eradication of poverty is within our reach, as is a more sustainable and equitable world…” (8/5).