Podcast, Reporting Series, Infographic Examine Global Road Safety

The Guardian’s Global Development Podcast examines “how the roads have become one of the world’s biggest killers.” Hosted by journalist Annie Kelly, the discussion features journalist Sajid Chowdhury reporting from Bangladesh; Overseas Development Institute Executive Director Kevin Watkins; Kate McMahon, formerly with the U.K. Department of Transport and currently a global road safety consultant; and Veronica Raffo, senior infrastructure specialist for the World Bank in Argentina. A transcript and audio version of the podcast are available (Kelly/Chambers, 9/19).

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting recently published a series of articles looking at road deaths in several countries (9/19). The PBS “Mediashift” blog on Thursday published a piece from Pulitzer Center Senior Editor Tom Hundley detailing the series, as well as an interactive map. “By clicking on a country you can access an assortment of road safety data, ranging from trend lines on highway fatalities to statistics on the types of vehicles most likely to be involved in fatal crashes,” he writes, adding, “You can also rove across the map to access an ever-expanding roster of full reports and brief ‘roads facts’ from around the world” (9/19).