Oxfam Policy Adviser Discusses Opportunity For U.S. To Consolidate, Improve Foreign Assistance Data Dashboards

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: Transparency of the Future: A High-Quality, Highly Usable U.S. Foreign Aid Dashboard
Aria Grabowski, policy adviser for Accountable Development Finance at Oxfam America, discusses the importance of transparency and access to data, highlighting the opportunity to consolidate the U.S. government’s ForeignAssistance.gov and Foreign Aid Explorer dashboards. Grabowski writes, “A unified dashboard should have … real world use cases in mind as it is designed, and provide as much interconnected data as possible. It should also be created on a solid foundation so it can be easily updated and changed, adding new components both when it becomes feasible, but also as demands and needs are identified. Accounting for users and their needs will take U.S. data a step further in supporting aid effectiveness” (11/27).