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Oxfam America Releases Evaluation Of Program Aimed At Increasing Women’s, Girls’ Knowledge Of, Access To Reproductive Health Services In Mali

Oxfam America: Saving for Change and Reproductive Health — Segou Region, Mali
This evaluation of Oxfam America’s Saving for Change + Reproductive Health program in the Segou region of Mali reviews the outcomes of the project, which focused on increasing women’s and girls’ knowledge about their reproductive health and access to health services. The evaluation notes “that women participants had a significant increase in their level of knowledge … However, there is limited evidence in shifting attitudes towards fertility, especially in rural areas. While the project addressed community needs for information about family planning, it only addressed women, even though in the Malian cultural context, the use of a family planning method is a decision that requires permission from husbands/partners. Thus, raising men’s awareness is a critical next step” (12/5).