Opinion Piece Urges Global Fund To Ensure Mental Health Addressed In TB, HIV Funding Proposals

Medium: “I was very depressed,” said Tanwa. “I was in denial for a very long time.”
David Bryden, TB advocacy officer at RESULTS

“…Isn’t it time we recognize the impact of tuberculosis on mental health? The world is facing an epidemic of TB-associated depression. … Yet, while the mental health impact of the disease has been known for years, the response is still appallingly weak. … Countries made a clear commitment to expand access to integrated care at the U.N. High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in 2018. … External funding should be available to help countries meet this commitment. United for Global Mental Health has issued an urgent appeal to the Global Fund, now celebrating a successful replenishment, to issue clear guidance to countries applying for TB and HIV resources to include mental health in their proposals. This call to action has been joined by a number of other groups, including TB Proof, International Union Against TB & Lung Disease, RESULTS UK, TB People, and Socios En Salud (Partners In Health — Peru)…” (10/10).